Jobs.civilbaba.com helps you find the right job matching your aspirations& Keyskills. Registering with CIVILBABAJOBS enables you to:

  1. Access and apply in one-click to more than thousands of jobs.
  2. Get your CV viewed by hundreds of recruiters who will contact you directly.
  3. Get the best jobs delivered to your inbox.
  4. Keep track of what happens to your applications.

CIVILBABA Jobs is a platform where Employers (Recruiters) and Candidates (Jobseekers) can discover each other. Employers benefit from CIVILBABA as they can advertise their jobs to millions of jobseekers. Candidates can discover thousands of jobs posted on CIVILBABA and apply to them.

You can register on CIVILBABA Jobs by giving some details like Name, Email and Phone number are required to create an account, as we use them to communicate with you. After that you can fill details such as Personal details, Resume Headline, Education details, Software skills, Employment Records etc.

It is important to have a complete profile on CIVILBABA Jobs as it increases your chance of recruiters noticing and your profile and contacting you. For example, recruiters are 40% more likely to contact profiles with a photo than profiles without a photo. Each field in your CIVILBABA profile has been assigned a certain % weight and completing these fields would increase your overall profile completion percentage. If your profile completion score is less than 100%, it means that some important fields are incomplete in your profile and you need to fill them.

You can directly contact to this phone number +91 9289110993 or email id – jobs@civilbaba.com for any kind of query.

You can search for jobs that have been posted by companies and recruiters on CIVILBABA Jobs based on Sectors & Key skills. If you get hundreds of jobs, you can narrow down your search by using filters. If you do not want to apply to a job right away, you can save the job and apply later. If we show, “No Results Found” for your search result, we recommend you to broaden the search by reducing your filters and criteria while also checking for spelling mistakes in your query.

No. You will not be able to apply if you haven’t registered on CIVILBABA Jobs.

CIVILBABA Jobs automatically sends all applications made by you to the Employers posting the Jobs. Thereafter, it is up to the Employer to respond to your Job application. CIVILBABA Jobs is just a platform that lets you discover Jobs and Employers to receive your applications.

No. You can apply to jobs for FREE on CIVILBABA Jobs.
Note that genuine recruiters do not ask for money to schedule interviews or offer a job. If you are receiving such calls or emails, beware as this might be a job scam.

You can apply to as many jobs as possible. There is no timeframe to applying for jobs.

Recommended jobs are those jobs that are the best-matched jobs based on your profile and your activity on the CIVILBABA Jobs platform. This takes into account the type of jobs you are applying to, your professional details, your education details, your resume and the type of jobs people similar to you are applying to.

Have you seen an interesting job advertised at CIVILBABA Jobs? Apply online by clicking the apply button on the job post.

We have various paid and free job postings where we promise that we help you to get maximum applications. Additionally, we market every paid job across several mediums like Linkedin, Glassdoor and hence your job gets maximum applications.

If you are new to our portal then, you can be able to post a job by clicking on any link which says “post a job”. If you are an existing customer then you can post a job as mentioned earlier or else login to your employer’s account and click on “Post a job” on your dashboard.

Yes, you can. We allow unlimited free job posting. Please note, duplicate jobs and spam jobs will not be made live

Employer Dashboard is a Dashboard which provides an overall view of the Employer’s account about the Recent Job Postings by Employer, Company Details, Account Utilization status.

No, you can’t select Multiple Job Locations while posting a job.

All jobs remain active on website until the last date of Job application as given by you while posting a job.

Yes, to print a resume, you have to click on the DOWNLOAD link of the candidate and once his Resume is open, you can see the button called “Print”, you can click on this print option to take a Print out of candidate resume.

CIVILBABA enables employers/recruiter search lakhs of candidate’s details. Various options to search resumes are:-

  1. Quick search
  2. Resume search based on Sector
  3. Resume search based on skill set
  4. Resume search based on Roles & Responsibility

Once you subscribe for Database service you will be able to access candidate’s details and hire them for as per your needs. To perform resume search you will need to login using your employer account. Please follow the given step to start searching for resumes in database

  1. Step 1: Login in your employer account
  2. Step 2: Go to Database search Tab and you can see more than10 filters use in database search( available like Sector, Skill Based Search and Role &Responsibility
  3. Step 3: Once search criteria is selected click on search button to see the resume search results

To view the contact details of candidate, you need to subscribe to paid package of Database. To buy the paid package, click on below link
Want custom package? Contact our sales Manager at: info@civilbabadigital.com or call at: +91 9643 0606 54

If you have any query, Please Call us on +91 9643 0606 54 or you can mail us at info@civilbabadigital.com

  1. Offer a competitive salary - Look up average salaries in the market and offer accordingly.
  2. Write a strong job description - Proper Job descriptions get 3x more candidates on average. Be sure to include key details, such as incentives, language requirements and timings.
  3. Add a logo - Jobs with a logo stand out on our search page and add to the credibility of your job

How to reach candidates

  1. Call quickly - Call back candidates with 48 hours. Candidates are actively looking for jobs - the faster you reach them, the more likely they’ll pick up!
  2. Call smartly - Call candidates between 12pm-2pm and after working hours for best results.
  3. How to get candidates to show up for interviews

Make a good first impression

  1. Remember, applicants are applying to multiple jobs - you need to convince them that yours is worth considering.
  2. Remind candidates via phone calls
  3. Call candidates a day before and the morning for the interview. If you are the CEO or hiring manager, instead introduce yourself as you as an employee of the organisation. Candidates will be more comfortable asking you questions and giving you candid feedback.