Project Manager

Steelion Presfab Infra Solution Private Limited

Steelion Presfab Infra Solution Private Limited
Steelion Presfab Infra Solution Private Limited
Sector : ,Others
Posted :86 days ago
  • Designation
    Project Manager
  • Location
    Hyderabad, Telangana, India…
  • Education
  • Experience
    8-12 Y
  • Salary
    9-12 L
  • Skills
    ,Execution, Project management,
Job Description

Job Description

• Oversee, manage and direct construction projects from begging to end

• Review and monitor the project in depth- Quality, Cost and time

• Ensure schedule of all the deliverables

• Budget planning and cost estimating

• Track inventory regularly

• Prepare internal and external reports pertaining to job status

• Plan ahead to prevent problems and resolve any emerging ones

• Monitor and guide compliance with building and safety regulations

• Manage construction workers and sub-contractors

• Ensure tools, materials and equipment

• Manage and mitigate risks

• Always ensure quality construction standards

• Site team administration

• Coordinating with clients, and other stake holders

• Overall planning and coordination

• project budget control

• Coordination with planning QS purchase for another department

• Coordinating documents

• Reporting to HO

• Project planning

• Plan and Mobilise Project

• Development of overall project plan and construction schedule –

• Establishment of Project. - Budget, Plan and Construction Schedule. –

• Oversee the development of department/function wise plans and

budgets. Initial mobilisation of project: -

• Oversee and approve establishment of civil works and infrastructure

for project operations as per schedule. –

• Coordinate with client representative for land acquisition and other

critical requirements. –

• Ensure timely mobilisation of Resources (Manpower, Material and

Equipment). –

• Oversee the timely establishment of various functions/department s

and systems at the project site.

• Obtain mandatory licenses, approvals and clearances required for

project establishment (Across functions).

• Project Delivery: - Ongoing monitoring of project progress, adherence

to contract specifications, quality standards. –

• Ensure availability of resources (Manpower, Material and Equipment),

coordinate with project controller and respective HO department for

the same

• Ongoing revision of the project work plan depending on overall

strategy/local contingencies. - Enhance budgeted turnover and

profitability. - Identify and realize opportunities for increase in

turnover. –

• Management of cash flows and remittances of HO.

• Monitor direct costs of operations. –

• Oversee productive utilization of resources within the project works

function. –

• Build and sustain harmonious relationships with external entities –

• Ensure regular interactions and cordial relations with clients, Sub

Contractors & Vendors. –

• Ensure regular interactions and cordial relations with administration

and concerned state departments. –

• Ensure regular interactions and cordial relations with local

community representatives.

• Adhere to IMS guidelines and specifications: -

• Adhere to Quality, Environment & Safety specifications. –

• Contribute to Learning and growth - Identify opportunities for

application of good engineering practices/ innovative practices to

enhance quality of delivery. –

• Documentation of learning's from the project on an annual basis. –

• Ensuring co-ordination between HO, project departments and all

dependent concerned individuals. –

• Employee performance management. –

• Ensure adequate understanding of responsibilities of subordinates

individually and collectively as a team to accomplish work assigned. –

• Grooming of sub-ordinates, coaching, mentoring and providing timely

assistance to subordinates. - Timely Recognition of exceptional

performance. –

• Provide Inputs for Performance management and identification of

training needs. –

• Initiate Employee Involvement pr

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