Electrical Engineer

Maya Enterprises

Maya Enterprises
Maya Enterprises
Sector : ,HIGHWAYS
Posted :158 days ago
  • Designation
    Electrical Engineer
  • Location
    Nabarangpur, Odisha, India…
  • Education
  • Experience
    3-6 Y
  • Salary
    16000-20000 L
  • Skills
Job Description

Electrical: Exposure of HT/LT line working, Pole erection, Conductors, Transformers, line tapping, Knowledge of VCB, Panels, general Electrical parameters. Responsible for testing, installing, and maintaining large-scale electrical systems that transmits and generates power, Basic & detailed engineering for the provision of earthling pits of electrical installation, Proper protection system for all electrical installation, responsible for implementations and monitoring of all electrical-related works at the site, Estimates prepare and assign resources such as manpower, materials, consumables, equipment, tools, etc., required for all electrical and related works prior to execution, Assign targets for accomplishments and ensure targets are met on a daily basis for all electrical groups at the site, Submits site daily reports, inspection requests, estimates, and all applicable monitoring reports on a regular basis or as required, To co-ordinate with Electrical Contractor for Electrification, Execution, Erection & Commissioning, Ensure the power supply available. Save energy by disconnecting unwanted loads, Ensure all electrical machines should be earthed.

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