Project Manager


Sector : ,HIGHWAYS
Posted :167 days ago
  • Designation
    Project Manager
  • Location
    Chhindwara Road, Chandangaon, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh, India…
  • Education
  • Experience
    1-10 Y
  • Salary
    0-0 L
  • Skills
Job Description

Development of a plan to achieve the project objectives. By involving the project team in developing this plan, ensuring more comprehensive plan. Organizing construction projects which involves securing the appropriate resources to perform the work. Deciding which tasks should be done in-house and which tasks should be done by subcontractors or consultants. Control the project by implementing a management information system designed to track actual progress and compare it with planned progress. Development of a common mission and vision to the team members by clearly defining roles, responsibilities and performance expectations for all the team members. Communicate effectively with all levels inside and outside of the organizations. Negotiate fairly and effectively with the customers/subcontractors. Bring conflicts into the open and manages it collaboratively and productively with the help of other team members. Perform risk management which includes identifying and responding to potential issues throughout the life of the project to minimize potential negative impacts and help ensure the safety of the workers. Allocate the resources and ensure that there are no shortages. Continuously keep track of spending and forecast changes to the budget.

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